Thursday, 12 February 2015

Love stories

This week's Booking Through Thursday is:

No, no, I’m not asking if you like romances … what I want to know is what is it about stories that you love? Is it the stories themselves? The people? The plot twists?

For me, I think it's partly the people and partly the world a story creates. The characters are your window into the novel, and if you don't like the character whose eyes you see through it spoils the experience in general.

What I really love about reading, though, is having an immersive world to dive into, preferably different from the real one - whether that's time period, culture, or even a fantasy novel in which the laws of nature are changed, I want a novel to give me what feels like a new experience that you can't get just walking out of your door.

What about you, readers? What do you love most about reading stories?

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Lindsay @ Lindsay Loves said...

Solid world-building is so critical to telling a good story. I like characters, but I'm also a big fan of stories (as in plot, but not quite).